Who are you, anyways?

I’m Aaron, part-time writer, part-time church worker, with a few side gigs thrown in (husband, father, church revitalisation guy). I’ve had a few thoughts building up for years; this newsletter is a way of finally working them out.

This feels like a thinly-veiled excuse to talk ad nauseum.

Well, maybe, but hey, you’re still reading it…

I’m not the final authority on any of the topics we’ll cover here. But I do know enough to get by - and more importantly, I know enough about a handful of topics to be considered an expert.

And what topics might those be?

Good question.

Christian masculinity - a thorny subject these days, with a number of tangent subjects that change and shift depending on how you answer. But the short version is that I’m a man, I’m a Christian, and a father - that gives me the building blocks to talk about the subject with a bit of authority.

Writing - I’m a content and copy writer by trade; I read voraciously (at least I did before kids). Even these days, I’m reading long-form articles, other Substacks, and the occasional blog - in addition to books both print and digital.

I’ll dip into the news, occasionally, but this newsletter is primarily to explore how Christian men can and should behave in a world that doesn’t like (a) Christians, and (b) men.

So it’s one of those rant-y publications?


I’ve heard more than a few sermons, discourses, and rambling X threads on how so-and-so is out to get us (and it doesn’t really matter who “us” is, pick your favourite).

The question you should always ask yourself is: “so what?”

The world is controlled by a cabal of snake-eating flat-earthers! So what?

Seed oils are draining your testosterone! So what?

So what should you action be, given those facts?

“Awareness” isn’t enough. You need to be convinced of the truth of something, and then be informed on how to act.

That’s why I include an Action Point at the end of every newsletter. Go forth, and do thou likewise.

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Hey! Good to see ya. I'm Aaron; I like big words and I cannot lie, but I'm slowly weaning myself off of them. That's what ten years of higher ed will do to you.